Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Hmmm.... here's that interview/write up from the June issue of Source magazine 2003.


by Lisa Mundy

Celebrate Your Others:

The Others formed in a hurry a year ago, as singer Dom was offered a gig in London but had no band. Songs were hastily written in a week, but some remain in the set to this day. After a Spinal Tap-esque amount of drummers they finally settled on this forceful line-up. Concentrating mainly on London so far, the band have become associated with Sonic Mook, performed This Is Radio Clash at a Joe Strummer benefit gig and made friends with Camden scenesters The Libertines. Now it’s time to conquer their hometown.

Any Other Business:

You can almost smell the electricity on stage. Dom’s confrontational stage presence is akin to John Lydon or Jim Reid and his lyrics tackle important social issues. The rest of the band plays off this, which makes for an interesting, somewhat tense dynamic. Musically they embrace early Eighties post-punk and new wave, citing Television, PIL and Joy Division as influences. Feeling they tackle issues their rivals are afraid to confront, this lot are far removed from your average self-effacing local band. With that attitude, Brighton domination can’t be far away….

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