Wednesday, August 27, 2003

HERE'S THAT ARTICLE From August/Sept issue of PURE magazine.

The Other Ones:

With a confrontational attitude and a spiky, post punk sound, The Others have an exciting live energy which veers between chaotically unpredictable and ludicrously inspirational.

Singer Dom and drummer Martin are trendy Shoreditch boys, drinking buddies of The Libertines, while James (guitar) and Jon (bass) reside in Brighton. As a result they’ve been attacking both cities with short sharp gigs usually fuelled by booze and drugs and often on the chaotic side. Currently writing and recording new material and courting interest from Alan McGee and Sonic Mook Experiment, The Others plan to bring their new wave punk rock to the masses.

“We have no desire for people to like us, we want them to either love us or hate us” they explain, “There’s too much politeness and false respect around already and it’s making a bland culture even more bland.”

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