Saturday, July 23, 2005


We have been hard at work in the studio all week and have written three brand new songs which are all sounding good and will be sounding even better this time next week after we've spent another week in the studio - this time in Brighton (Yay!). After all the travelling I've been doing it's been nice to be able to sleep in my own bed every night!

Our Italian trip was amazing, Rome was amazing - it's the oldest looking city I've ever seen, huge chunks of ancient walls come out the sides of fairly new buildings, but even the newest building's look really old! It gave the impression of an "unfinished city" but was glorious. We ended up playing two shows, Rome Zoo bar and Ancona lazaretto to around about 1000 people which, considering we've never been to Italy before and the label have put zero funds into promoting the album abroad, is a real acheivement.

Ancona was alot of fun too and considering I'd never even heard of it, it was really gratifying to play a show arranged within two weeks and to arrive to see our names on the front page of the local press and to be signing copies of the European edition of the album before the gig that people had ordered on faith alone and had waited patiently for delivery of from their local Indie stores.

We all enjoyed some fine Italian feasts with some gorgeous sea views thanks to the hospitality of our wonderful agent/promoter Eric (thank you Eric) and are trying to schedule a return to Italy to do four dates in October. The word IS spreading.
DJ set at the pressure point:

We have decided to postpone the dj ing at the pressure point to a night (TBC) where there are fewer bands on the bill and bands that we actually like - the idea is to do a "let's kill the others" style club night. I am going to be sorting this out in the next few weeks and I will post on here as soon as anything is conformed.... Sorry if anyone was particularly looking forward to it but trust me - it's better this way.



Current research:

J.K. Rowling - Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Eels - 16 Ton


Some pictures from our Ancona show (thank you Sada):

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