Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Well, Italy was amazing! Even better than last time.

Ancona was wild, Rimini was, um, fraught (but I'm sure there was a tense nervous energy) and we got to see and meet The Hype; an amazing Italian band from the area who were so good we decided to invite them to play the next day too. Bologna was great and so nice to see the English/Norwegian Xcore division (21 hours of travelling demands respect), and we ended in a nice American style venue in Rome called jailbreak where we met up with many locals who had seen us earlier in the year when we played Zoo bar and drank with until we had to leave for our flight back at 5am.

As ever, huge thanks goes to Eric Bagnarelli the best promoter in Italy. We look forward to returning really soon, maybe even get around to doing that track in Italian...

And thank you also to our new Italian friends for making us feel so welcome.

Setlist towards the end off the tour:

Guard My Kind
Truth That Hurts
It Doesn't Matter To Me
Stan Bowles
Trouble Inside
Southern Glow
Psycho Vision
How I Nearly Lost You
Thick As Thieves
This Is For The Poor

Photos are from the first date at Ancona Barfly - thank you to Aurelio Laloni for these.

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