Thursday, January 03, 2013

2012 REDUX: The band spent a weekend in Kent doing overdubs and polishing two new tracks Hardly Know Me and I'll Keep You Safe for single release. The two songs became The Others first single for 4 years: Hardly Know Me (Radio Edit), I'll Keep you Safe, Hardly Know Me (Full Length) was released via the Mediawerks label on Itunes on 26/04/12 a tour followed:

Gigs 2012:
02/02/12 - London - New Slang Club @The Hippodrome, Kingston
02/05/12 - Exeter - Indie Club @The Cavern
03/05/12 - Cardiff - Jealous Lovers @GwdiHw
04/05/12 - Glasgow - Captain’s Rest
05/05/12 - Sunderland Independent
06/05/12 - Sheffield Frog’n’Parrot
11/05/12 - London Half Moon Putney
12/05/12 - Winchester Railway
22/07/12 - Sheffield Tramlines Festival
18/08/12 - Brighton Albert
16/11/12 - London Surya
17/11/12 - Bristol Horts

ON 24/12/12 The Others released "(Demos For) Songs For The Disillusioned" for free via Bandcamp they quickly ran out of their free download allocation and uploaded the tracks to Soundcloud and

This release solicited a (fairly) big reaction from the press, most prominently from NME.COM

Overseas press also picked up on the story, both in France and Spain as well as various UK online magazines.

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