Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Right, well I think I've just about managed to finish toilet training the house rabbit that me and my girlfriend were given on Saturday (four days isn't too bad!) and I've just about finished replying to all the emails I've received recently - one or two interviews left but generally it feels good to be on top of things at last!

Thanks to all those who made the two gigs last Friday work - it is appreciated and while it's nice to have drums on most tracks, it was nice to do a semi-acoustic set at the Polish Bar - I'm thinking we get some acoustic versions of album tracks for the next single - what say you? How I Nearly Lost You, Stan Bowles and a chunkier version of William perhaps?

I am going away to mystical Wales tomorrow with the band as I have lots of new songs I've been itching to nail properly and I believe that even Mr Jimmy Lager has come up with some hot new riffs and licks - maybe the next record will turn out to be our *POP* album?

New single, William will be released on 4th April (a tour will be announced soon) and has already garnered a Jo Whiley daytime spin on Radio 1 and lots of evening and Xfm plays. I managed to get an additional track as part of the 7" b-sides (value for money n'all) so the final formats and tracklistings will be as follows:

William (Alan Moulder Single Mix)
This Is For The Poor (Paul Epworth 12" remix)

Ltd Ed 7"pt 1 (in gatefold sleeve)
William (Radio Edit)
Psychovision (2003 Demo)

Ltd Ed 7"pt 2 (fits into sleeve of pt 1)
featuring blistering 100mph versions of:
William (Live at The Astoria)
Community 853 (Live At The Astoria)
Stan Bowles (Live At The Astoria)

You should be able to get these three formats (that's 7 tracks altogether!) for less than £5 in the first week of release.

The Paul Epworth mix of This Is For The Poor is a true masterpiece and there is also a 9 minute plus remix of William by Hedman which I am going to try to get released with a handful of other dance mixes of Others songs as a sort of very special limited edition 12" release later in the year (how would you like that?). Gang Of Four are also still working on a Lackey remix (as I write I think) which will see the light of day soon...

The William video - our first with extras dressed in animal suits (who knows where this could lead?) - started receiving regular plays on MTV 2 the very day it dropped onto their doormat. For a sneak preview go here.

An interview with me, Dominic and Martin with the ace Popworld crew is due to be screened on March 16th so set yer videos if you're too lazy to set yer alarms for that.

And (short drumroll) I received an email today from Mersey TV - apparently the Hollyoaks Production crew are big fans of the band and want to use extracts from the album in some forthcoming episodes of this fine soap opera (tracks mentioned were: Lackey, In The Background, William, How I Nearly Lost You, Community 853, Southern Glow). So if u ever needed a reason to watch here it is.



Current Research:
Babybird - There's Something Going On
Julian Cope - Repossessed

PS: I also spoke to Andrew Kendall today about making the forum only postable on by registered users - it seems like that's the case with virtually every other forum on the net so expect some progress soon.

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