Tuesday, March 22, 2005

With the charming diving enthusiast Dave Pemberton as engineer, me James and Martin spent every waking hour of Monday in a London studio creating our “Additive Free” remix of Gang Of Four’s “At Home He’s A Tourist” and since crawling out of bed this morning I’ve been listening to nothing else!

We decided to only use material from the original tracks that we were given by GOF, so no new instruments or parts were added. So although it sounds pretty far removed from their original release, everything you hear on our mix is on the original somewhere or in some form. And while the song only clocked in at 3:34 mins in 1979, we’ve created a relentless near 5 minute monster you'll want to dance yer socks off to in 2005. Expect to hear at a club near you soon - ON THE DISCO FLOOR!

We think Gang of Four are releasing a new best of album with a remix disc so expect to see our “…Tourist” on there and if anyone wants a sneaky pre-listen I will almost definitely be playing it on all my forthcoming DJ sets.



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