Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Cheers to everyone who bought the album last week in a particularly tough chart week with many already-platinum-selling records (that's 300,000 sales!) still hanging around in the top 40 we eventually charted at:
Number 10 in the Virigin Chart
Number 15 in the HMV Chart
and Number 51 in the national chart

So we're very chuffed.

Our next single will be an Alan Moulder remix/edit of William and will be released on 28th of March. It will be backed with remixes of Lackey from Gang Of Four, and Hedman. We're currently also writing new tracks as b-sides for this release.

Me and Dom recorded an edition of MTV's Gonzo show with Zane Lowe yesterday - it was a lot of fun - managed to promote our favourite brand of mineral water (Abbey Well) and even talk a bit about the album - and there wasn't a puppet in sight! As soon as I know when this will be aired I will post details on here.



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