Friday, February 18, 2005


At last night's NME Brat Awards The Others were presented with The John Peel Award for Innovation - it's very nice and very heavy - we're very proud. I also really enjoyed the The Laurie Arms pub gig before the nme awards it was nice to see so many of our 853 going so mental that the bouncers had to form a human wall-barrier - so many tough nuts holding hands in row was a comical sight indeed! Thanks you to everyone who came to that and tp everyone who helped with filming the video for William the day before - especially Fred McPherson (squirrel), Millwall Ant (panda) and (Lady) Alan Jewels (big brown bear) - you are all *special*.

After the awards had finished we went next door to do some photos and press and we even did an interview for the best music show on tv ever "Popworld" - Simon and Miquita were as funny as you'd expect them to be and turned out to be almost as big fans of The Others as I was of their show - which I try and catch if I'm awake that early. I'm not sure if we had been officially on their "to do" list but they asked us anyway and hopefully it will get shown soon. Am trying to drag them down to the V&A museum show on 25th Feb.

Biggest suprise of the night? Finding out that it's possible to sell 3million records (!) worldwide and instead of being caught up in a load of corporate crap, still be lovely, down to earth chaps with no ego at all. Step forward Franz Ferdinand.

Real for the T.V...
The nme awards show will be screened tonight (18th feb) at 11:35 on Channel 4 you will get to see a bit of the performance in the pub where we were presented with the award.

I spoke to Zane Lowe last night and he confirmed that the gonzo interview with me and Dom will definitedly be shown on MTV2 this monday (20th Feb)



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