Thursday, February 03, 2005

Some interesting new shows:

25th Feb 2005 - Victoria And Albert Museum (London) No support

Press Release:

Agitate! Educate! Organise! - Friday Late at the V&A. 25 February 2005, 6.30pm-10.00pm. Whether it's the underground band The Others 'guerrilla gigging' up a tree, or spoken word performers Tell Tales turning story telling on its head, young British writers and musicians are finding new ways to present their ideas. Agitate! Educate! Organise! at the V&A celebrates this new wave of social protest, observation and documentary in the arts with spoken word performances, poetry slamming and impromptu gigs around the museum. Controversial female voice, Helen Walsh, and Whitbread prize-winner Patrick Neate, will read from their latest works, while Courttia Newland, Nii Parkes and six authors from the Tell Tales crew will be performing their unique short stories, each accompanied by specially composed scores. The Others will be performing in the V&A's beautiful galleries and their film 'Guide to Guerrilla Gigging' will run throughout the evening.

Camden Crawl: We will be playing the Barfly on 10th March for John Kennedy. The whole set should go out live on the radio.

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